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Food intolerance blood test IgG 181 (176 food ingredients)Food intolerance blood test (120 food ingredients)Diagnostics with Dr. Trofimova consultationDeep cleansing of the bowels or Colon HydrotherapyABOUT BODY COMPOSITIONJapanese massage with osteopathy techniquesChampi - Indian head massageLymphatic massage therapyLymph Drainage Lymphastim BTL-6000 deviceDetox care for hands and feet (footbath, scrub, massage, mask)Foot and leg massageHoney massageHot stone therapyNEW!!! Ritual *Sauna SPA* - deep warming and relaxationAnti-cellulite massage (+cream)Anti-cellulite package (5 massages+creams, 2 wrappings)Laser and magnet therapyCleopatra wrapping with coat milkHay wrapping in the oakbathHay wrapping in the oakbath with nourishing mask and massageParaffin for hands and legsCarbon dioxide dry bathOil-dispersion bath – Jungebad ®Bishofit (natural magnesium chloride) salt bathHerb bath with hydro massageDr.S. Kneipp aqua treatmentUnderwater massageBody scrub and massage with nourishing maskGurland enzyme-based exfoliating body peelingBreathing therapy for toxic slag removalIndividual physiotherapyIndividual physiotherapy in waterEar treatmentMicroelement analysisFacial treatment with vitamin CFacial treatment with Oxygen - Oxygenating and detoxifying treatmentPranayamaShindo (R)Gravity taction table MastercareFiguraGen testsKOGT gene testSG (sport gen) gene test