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Our view on health comes from a holistic perspective, which holds at it’s core the relationship between the body and the mind.

Since fasting has been used for centuries ad a health practice, it has many tested traditional practices that are applicable to every individual. The key is to select the right treatment for the right person, so that one feels well in both body and mind.

To ensure this, first we carry out a personal interview along with tests to find out as much as we can about you. Then, we use various techniques and practices on the body (Kneipp water treatment, fasting, detox, various massages, movement therapy, colon cleansing etc.) as well as the mind (consulation, relaxation therapy, lectures, herbal treatments, teas, sauna, massages, beauty procedures etc.). You can find more about this in the “Treatments” section.

Our philosophy is to help you find your optimal weight and healthy state  – and maintain that at home. We have developed a diagnostic package to help you find out the foods that are keeping you from reaching your goal of optimal state. When doing a fasting programme, you can expect to loose 0,5-1 kg weight per day.

Our patients do not always come with the idea to loose weight: some come to quit smoking, detox the body from chemicals, or just relax and unwind.