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Марианна и Патрик

Mon épouse et moi-même sommes venus chez Loodus pour la première fois en mai 2018. Notre première impression était comme si nous étions venus chez nous, en famille, dans notre maison de vacances. L’accueil très chaleureux, on devait retirer ses chaussures pour rentrer dans la maison (très cosy), notre chambre était très propre, confortable et pour couronner le tout, un grand et magnifique jardin. Lors de vos ballades, vous verrez passez à l’occasion : lapins, renards, écureuils, belettes, cigognes et même à l’occasion un faon !

Notre but était de faire le jeûne (fasting) pendant une semaine c’est-à-dire ne rien manger pour désintoxiquer le corps (mon épouse a eu une infection rénale en décembre 2017 et a dû longtemps prendre des antibiotiques pour en guérir.

La Dr. Natalia Trofimova est le médecin principal de ce centre, ayant une expérience de plus de 30 ans dans le domaine. Elle nous a tous deux consultés et nous a expliqué le principe du jeûne (fasting) et dans notre cas spécifique comment nous devions suivre cette cure. Quelques détails pratiques : Le programme commence à 7 h de matin avec un enema (car il faut nettoyer les intestins), après l’on fait la petite gymnastique matinale puis de la marche nordique (ces 2 activités à l’air frais et de 40 à 60 minutes en fonction de votre forme). Le médecin nous reçoit en consultation tous les matins (pouls, tension, poids, palpation, …). Si on a un souci ou l’on ne supporte pas le jeûne pour diverses raisons, une sortie du jeûne est proposée (ici, l’on ne joue pas avec la santé). Durant toute la journée, plusieurs cures/traitements sont proposées, notamment divers massages du corps, lympho-drainage, différentes sortes de bains, de l’aquagym, yoga, shindo, …

Mon épouse a fait le jeûne pendant 3 jours et pour ma part, j’ai fait le cycle complet de 6 jours (attention, c’est dur mais cela en vaut la peine). Nous avons senti les bienfaits du jeûne une semaine plus tard avec notamment une remontée d’énergie dans le corps, et l’envie de faire beaucoup de choses. La perte de poids est une conséquence inévitable (mais pas le but premier du fasting) et nous en étions très heureux.

Nous sommes revenus en septembre 2018 puis deux semaines en mai 2019 et nous y reviendrons encore, car c’est un endroit magique où travaillent des gens formidables, qui font leur travail avec plaisir. Ils aiment ce qu’ils font, ils sont toujours à l’écoute, prêts à aider, accompagner et à conseiller. Nous voulons remercier le Dr. N. Trofimova et son équipe pour cet endroit unique, pour leur dévouement, leur professionnalisme ainsi que pour leur hospitalité et le temps passé avec nous.

Nous conseillons à tous celles et ceux qui veulent retrouver de l’énergie, perdre du poids, changer leurs habitudes alimentaires et leur esprit, en bref de se refaire une santé, de découvrir ce petit pays qu’est l’Estonie, de venir chez Loodus – l’endroit où votre nouvelle vie commence !


It has been a while I was looking for a place to go to ‘’detox my body and mind’’. I have spent some time searching on Internet, but was always postponing, until December 2017 when I got a kidney infection. I had a long and heavy treatment to ‘’kill’’ the infection, after what my body was tired, and I was looking horrible (I had grey skin, swollen bailey). I started seriously thinking of a place to go to recover! By googling, I have found Loodus (Nature means Estonian), after reading the service they provide, I have been immediately convinced by the name of Dr. Natalia Trofimova, who is a doctor and has 30 years of experience in dieting. I told my husband about my findings and in a few days, we booked the plane to
Estonia and the stay at Loodus.
Our first stay in this wonderful place was in May 2018.
When we arrived in Tartu and told the taximan to take us to Loodus, he said: “It’s a very nice place, but they do not give food there”. We were laughing and said this was the main reason we came here.
We arrived at this nice place, were given our room (very clean) and some food (not too much). First impression I had was like we came home. The house has a normal size (not huge), carpet on the floor, the shoes from outside had to be left in a special main entry room and we had to have inside shoes. The colors of the walls, the stairs, the terrace, all creates a peaceful atmosphere. The garden is just amazing. When walking around I was filling such a positive energy, everything is done with so much attention, I would say with a lot of love. The flowers, the trees, the lakes, the bridge over the lake make you to leave away the stress.
I could fast 3 days after what I was put on diet. Our day used to start with enema, morning exercises, Nordic walk, after what we had the doctor’s checkup (blood pressure, weight measurement, advices and some minerals to drink). We had daily massage, lymph drain, face massage, warm paraffin for hands and feet, etc. We had evening activities mainly yoga; Shindo, water gym. We have chosen different treatments and were very happy with everything we had.
The team (Dream team) at Loodus is very friendly and ready to help at any moment. I can say these people really like their job! Everyone is responsible for what she/he does! 
The house is very clean and well maintained. The garden is beautiful, I have the impression (Ivan the man who maintains it) never leaves this place – he is always doing something there!
When sitting one day on the sofa next to the doctor’s office, I have found an album with a lot of pictures, from years ago. While looking at it a lady came next to me and has shown me one picture with Dr. Natalia Trofimova and herself, this was more the 20 years ago. I did conclude for myself that Loodus is a whole work life of Dr Natalia coming from so far. All started in Soviet Union and now in Estonia – such a small and beautiful country!
It was hard for me to leave Loodus in May. We came back home “reborn” physically and mentally. I lost 4 kilos and my husband 6 kilos. Our main purpose was to “reset” our body and our mind and this happened. My friends were telling me I was looking “fresh”! 
We returned in Sep 2018. We had great stay again and were very happy meeting the full team and Dr Natalia. Everything was just perfect. We plan to go back next year in May 2019. 
I would like to say BIG THANKS for the hospitality and wonderful atmosphere to Dr. Natalia Trofimova and to the full team: Tatiana, Marika, Inga, Ilya, Larissa, Alexandra, Mariu, Ivan, Liuba. See you all next time.
I met at Loodus a lot of people from Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Finland – everyone has her/his own story – but we all were there to get rid of stress; to relax, to lose some kilos and to get energy to be able to continue our lives in this current speedy world!
All I can say for those who are looking for a nice place to stay, to lose a few kilos, to get more energy, to reset both mind & body and to fill like home this is the right place to go! Do not hesitate; just try it!

Tatiana from Netherlands
Going to Loodus Bio Spa is the best decision I could take for my health.
This place is great, full of dedicated and caring professionals. Dr. Natalia is an excellent professional who helped me understand holistically my health issues and put a plan in place to address them. I plan to go back next year too!

Anna-Maija from Finland
Loodus Bio Spasta on tullut meille paikka, jossa vähintään kerran vuodessa käymme virkistymässä ja keventymässä. Looduksen henkilöstö on osaava ja ystävällinen. Palvelu sujuu viroksi ja venäjäksi, mutta hyvällä tahdolla englannillakin tullaan toimeen. Vahva suositus niille, joiden itsekuri ei riitä kotona paastoamiseen tai vähäkaloriseen dieettiin.

Diderick from Switzerland
Fantastic experience! The staff is very professional, kind and helpful.
The renovated rooms are clean, comfortable, and offer the cozy feeling of home. If you’re considering to go for either detoxing, fasting or dieting, do it here. You won’t be disappointed and come out as reborn, both physically as well as mentally. Keep up the great work, and thank you again for an amazing week!

“I HOPE THIS PLACE NEVER CHANGES!” Pamela’s thoughts after her visit to Loodus BioSpa in June 2018

I didn’t feel well recently – my liver was hurting, I also have a salt addiction and overweight. I wanted to clean my body and feel better. So, I booked a 2-month Ayurveda trip to India… had I known about your place earlier, I would have never went there. This is SO much better, and closer to home. I’ve been to many detox and fasting retreats around the world, and I can safely say Loodus BioSpa is one of the best ones!

All my expectations have been superseded. This place is a pure beauty. I hope it never changes. Please keep the atmosphere – so personal, same faces, everybody knows you by name, you feel at home. It’s an environment based on friendliness and trust – because of this atmosphere fasting is easy.  I feel great after a week of fasting. After 3 days my liver stopped hurting and I feel so energized! The fasting experience is amazing, and so is the recovery diet – the meals are fresh and very tasty, I can really feel the energy from the food 10 minutes after I eat it. I love it! And I am amazed at how much I learned here!

This is one big difference with other places. For the first time has somebody put all the information in practical value to use at home. This is a life changer for me. I now know exactly how to maintain the healthy lifestyle at home taking into consideration my personal needs. And I am going to do it! I am by the way coming back in the fall, and I’m bringing my family with me!

My name is Erik,

I was born in Poland in Kielce. But in the moment I live in Warsaw.
And I heard about Loodus Spa from Noor, my friend. She was here about a month ago and she recommended me that place. And she had a good experience. And the reason I wanted to come here to Loodus is because I was very tired recently. And I teach myself massage and bodywork, breath-work. And I travel a lot. And I feel often my body is very tired from traveling and I find it was be good place to come and rest and have detox fasting, clean the colon.
And I’ve done it a few times in my life before and I know how good the body feels. It’s like reset for the body. And I felt it was…
Main reason was to bring more health into the body.
And I’m very satisfied of the treatments. I liked the ambience of the place that is peaceful. That is very professional treatments. And there is consultation every day with the doctor and check-ups. And I like that the place is in nature with a lot of fields to walk and some water. So it’s the holding this place is better, that it’ not in the city, but peaceful with nature it helps to stay fasting and be more present with it. And I do think I will come back again, may be next year, maybe summer, may be will be better time for.  May be May or June next year.

I would recommend few things to make it better. Firstly I would try to find some therapist, who can work deeply on the stomach. Just a deep deep stomach massage. Because it cleans. And I find myself I would really like to have work done on my belly. And none of these treatments exists in the manual. This would be one very important improvement.
Also I find it would be good if the place can have some meditative classes. Because this process can stir up a lot of emotions and feelings when you fast for many days. So even one class half hour at ten in the morning to watch feelings and emotions to see what’s happening, because sometimes it can be disorienting.
So one thing I also had which was disturbing a little bit – when I started eating. I had this keefir and nobody told me that. So I just drank it in the morning because I just got a bottle and turns out it. It was for 4 or so meals. So it would be nice to have clear instructions for the first meal.
Otherwise it was all very nice and I enjoyed it.


I come from Sweden.

It was my girlfriend, who searched on the Internet and found this place and, after doing even more searches, we found – this would be the place to go to.

And the reason you wanted to come. Well, for me it is a present to my body, that had to stand up with me for 60 years, and now I want to give it something in return.

I’m actually very satisfied. We were actually just talking (with my girlfriend), trying to find something not so good about this trip. It’s a special way of doing all the puking together all the time. But no, we couldn’t find really anything that would be bad.

If we would come again – probably. I would say more yes, than probably. Because this has been an adventure. And now I can wear all my clothing, that I couldn’t wear for a few years. SO that’s a win-win, you don’t have to buy any clothing.

Carsten, 44

Ich bin Carsten, ich komme aus Hannover. Wir haben von Loodus Spa über eine Bekannte meiner Frau erfahren. Und jetzt sind wir schon dritte Mal hier. Warum ich hierher komme, weil danach immer ein Gefühl von Leichtigkeit gibt. Wenn wir wieder zurück in Deutschland sind, dann erwische ich mich dabei, dass zwei-drei Woche kein Fleisch esse, dass ich mich total wohl und gesund fühle. Das Personal ist sehr nett und freundlich. Sehr qualifiziertes Personal. Die Behandlung ist sehr gut. Man bekommt viele Behandlungen, man kann viel Sport machen.

Ich komm auf jeden Fall nochmal wieder. Ich denke, über nächsten Jahr.

Was man besser machen könnte, eventuell wäre, dass zwischen Behandlungen mehr Pause gibt. Ich meine, wenn ich um 9 Uhr Wassergießen habe, dann danach ich vielleicht etwas ausruhen soll. So ich gehört habe. Ich aber soll gleich auf weitere Prozeduren. Das ist ja aber widersprüchlich. Natur ist hier superschön, sehr großes Areal wo ich Sport machen kann, wenig Autos, wenig Verkehr, das ist total angenehm. Das ist eine große Vorteil, dass Spa außer Stadt sich befindet. Im Hotel mitten in der Stadt würde ich mich nicht so wohl fühlen. Ruhe, das ist genau was ich hier suche. Wenn ich zum ersten Mal hier war und wenn Internet noch so schlecht war, war es noch besser. Jetzt Internetverbindung funktioniert auch gut. Aber heut zu Tage ist es vielleicht unbedenklich und ich habe keine weitere Verbesserungsvorschläge im Moment.

– Aber Hauptgrund, warum Sie doch hierher kommen? Wozu denn braucht man alle diese Leichtigkeit?

Ich bin kein Gesundheitsfrick, aber überall sind diese ungesunden Sachen. Dann trinkt man Alkohol mehr als man will. Ich rauche auch. Dann nach Spa rauche ich nicht, trinke nicht. Bei mir ist dann fünf Wochen absolute Erholung. So eine Fastenzeit.

Ich soll doch meinem Körper was Gutes tun. Und es dauert bei mir nicht nur eine Woche hier, sondern danach noch vier Wochen. Ich bin denn völlig beruht, ich bin leistungsfähiger und deutlich ausgeglichener.

– Dankeschön für das Gespräch!


I highly recommend Loodus BioSpa to all who want to help themselves to become more healthy and happy by purifying one´s body and internal

The procedures have been well thought with professional knowledge. The fasting package what I took was good with breathing exercises outside,
gymnastic, Shin-Do, watergymnastic, personal massage and every morning and evening enema. And it was important to have doctor’s appointments
daily to check how my fasting goes.

Dr Natalia Trofimova´s lectures were very good even for me who teaching fasting. I have fasted before by myself but it sure is easier to do in
relaxing and beautiful atmosphere with other people.

I took a lot of extra treatments which I think helped my detoxification process. I hope to do this again in the autumn time after half a year.

My fasting was a fresh start to begin to do more exercises and have a healthier way of life. Even I have been 45 years vegetarian, doing yoga
asanas daily, still my ageing body needs more care.

In Frantsila Organic Herb farm and Wellbeing Centre in Finland I teach natural healing methods, phytotherapy – plantmedicine, shiatsu and
acupressure yoga and meditation practices etc.


Virpi Raipala-Cormier