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We will help you reach and maintain your optimal weight and state of mind.

With over 30 years experience in the field of medical fasting, our specialists will make sure that you feel equally well at Loodus and back at your home.

Founder and head dietitian at Loodus BioSpa, Dr.Natalia Trofimova values highly person-centric approach to medicine. She has developed a patented unique programme that consists of excercise, diet, relaxation and detoxification.

Our priority is to bring traditional medical fasting and wellness practices into the 21st century by tailoring our unique programme to each person individually.

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LOODUS BioSpa Training Platform
We are delighted to announce that next year Loodus BioSpas is launching a healthy eating and family cooking training platform! The platform will enable to develop healthy eating habits throughout 2 generations through training and application of practical cooking skills in Loodus BioSpa. The new platform will create healthy eating habits in the families, resulting in a reduction in overweight and associated health risks and illnesses within the families. The project in the amount of 150 000 EUR is supported by the European Union Regional Development Fund and EAS Enterprise Estonia.