We offer the possibility to come for a 5-day course as well. It is also possible to come for a shorter period, in case of availability. We would like to turn your attention that it is not necessary to fast for 7 days, you can already start recovery during your stay here (advisable especially for first-timers).

Complementary transfer is offered on the first and last day of the 7-day course. In case you arrive or leave earlier or the timing is not suitable, you can order a taxi – price approx. 12 EUR.

You are welcome to arrive or leave one or more days earlier or later. Each additional night is 30 EUR (excl. treatments and meals)

P.S! We know that it is easier to find 5 days in the busy schedules for a health course, however we still recommend to follow a 7-day course if possible, since the healing effect of a shorter course is smaller.

 PeriodDuration (days) 
23.08.2019 - 29.08.20197 Days
04.09.2019 - 10.09.20197 Days
14.09.2019 - 20.09.20197 Days
23.09.2019 - 29.09.20197 Days
02.10.2019 - 08.10.20197 Days
12.10.2019 - 18.10.20197 Days
21.10.2019 - 27.10.20197 Days
02.11.2019 - 08.11.20197 Days
13.11.2019 - 19.11.20197 Days
23.11.2019 - 29.11.20197 Days
04.12.2019 - 10.12.20197 Days
14.12.2019 - 20.12.20197 Days