PiimThe Test leads the patient through an 3-5 months rotation diet. The patient learns to avoid food he/she does not tolerate and to replace it by tolerated food. The patient will receive its own individual food profile. He/She will be able to avoid and replace specific food and to recognize the correlation between certain food intake and health.

The test detects IgG Antibodies (please do not confuse with IgE mediated food allergy!) against 176 food antigens. An increased IgG Titer points to an immunologic reaction against antigenic targets derived from single food allergens which were presented to the lymphatic system by passing through the intestinal barrier into the blood circulation.

Please note, that this is not a detection method for acute IgE mediated Allergies as observed in atopic reactions especially in children !!

In the total sum of increased antibody titers we can also detect those allergens which lead to delayed reactions ( 8 hours after food intake).


The hypothesis is that every individual shows is own specific and individual pattern of food tolerance/intolerance like a fingerprint.

The immune system of every individual reflects those reactions by normal/increased antibody titers. The development of increased titers could be caused by intestinal barrier insufficiencies such as Leaky Gut Syndrome, which allows macromolecules to penetrate the barrier. This could result in several pathologic reactions, such as allergies, metabolic disorders, endocrinologic irritations up to auto-aggressive reactions.

Test Principle

The test is based on enzyme immuno assays (EIA) which can detect intolerance to up to 181 Food antigens. The detection system is a scanner which can specifically detect increased antibody titers (IgG) in blood serum. A software program allows the semi quanti¬tative detection of titers which are the basis for the therapy program.

Order:             Food Intolerance Test, FIT

Material:          3ml Serum

Method:           Enzyme Immuno Assay (EIA)

Comments:     The expected results show an individual pattern of reactive antibodies against food, which are disposed in several groups. In cooperation with a consulting for a balanced diet the interpretation of the Food Intolerance Test is the most successful.

We offer the opportunity to:

  • Lümfidrenaž Lymphastim BTL-6000 device (5 treatments х 25 min) – 90.-
  • Lümfidrenaž Lymphastim BTL-6000 device (5 treatments х 50 min) – 130.-

Further more:

Body composition analysis (with diagnostic device) – 10.-


BTL-6000_LymphastimLymphoid drainage with Lymphastin BTL-6000 (activates immune system, improves digestion and circulation, increases oxygen levels in cells and speeds detoxification from tissues).

Lymph drainage is an effective modern method of massage that encourages the natural circulation of the lymph through the body and helps to create and maintain a balance between blood flow and lymphatic system.

BTL has developed a series of devices for lymphatic drainage. Medical practices, fitness and wellness centers, massage centres along with aesthetic practices will find application for presso-therapy devices for detoxifying the body, skin firming and cellulite prevention.

Lymphatic massage with BTL lymphatic drainage devices will give you a completely painless, non-invasive and effective treatment by draining the excess lymph.

The human lymphatic system is responsible for removing interstitial fluid from tissues. It absorbs and transports fatty acids and fats throughout the circulatory system and transports antigen-presenting cells to the lymph nodes where the immune response is stimulated. Diseases and problems of the lymphatic system usually cause swelling and ohter symptoms.

BTL’s Lymphastim works on the pneumatic presso-therapy principle. Special applicator sleeves with multiple overlapping chambers provide a gentle massage that encourages the natural circulation of the lymph through the body. The effect is similar to the manual lymph drainage given by a massage therapist’s hands.


  • Well-established & clinically-proven therapeutic method
  • Immediate, visible results
  • The treatment is well-received by patients
  • Body is not burdened with unnecessary medication


Lymphatic drainage unblocks lymphatic ducts and vessels. This causes the natural flow of the lymph from the peripheral parts of the body, thus it reduces swelling and pain caused by the excessive mount of the lymph and metabolites in the limbs.

Lymphastim application also helps by healing and regenerating muscle tissue, increasing skin tone and restoring the original elasticity of the skin.



  • Chronic oedemas
  • Post-surgical obstruction of lymph vessels
  • Varices prevention and treatment
  • Venous insufficiency and ischemic diseases

Wellness and aesthetics

  • Cellulite
  • Postliposuction care
  • Regeneration and detoxification
  • Heavy-legs syndrome


We will help you reach and maintain your optimal weight and state of mind.

With over 30 years experience in the field of medical fasting, our specialists will make sure that you feel equally well at Loodus and back at your home.

Founder and head dietitian at Loodus BioSpa, Dr.Natalia Trofimova values highly person-centric approach to medicine. She has developed a patented unique programme that consists of excercise, diet, relaxation and detoxification.

Our priority is to bring traditional medical fasting and wellness practices into the 21st century by tailoring our unique programme to each person individually.