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Improper nutrition is one of the main causes of diseases of the joints and spine. This is caused by the deposition of toxins and the distortion of mineral metabolism. As a result of these processes, diseases such as arthrosis, arthritis, osteoarthrosis, osteochondrosis (limitation of spinal mobility), rheumatic diseases, gout, metabolic disorders in the bones and joint deformation develop.
Why do joints hurt? 
The process begins with a distortion of the blood supply, as a result of which the joint does not receive nutrition. Then metabolic disorders occur in the joints: toxins and uric acid begin to accumulate and crystallize, which ultimately are deposited in the joints and affect the cartilage. Spike of crystals form on the joints, affecting the joint and causing inflammation. This can affect both the smallest joints (fingers) and large ones, including the spine.
The accumulation of uric acid is always associated with the absorption of food and the deposition of toxins. For this reason, inflammation (arthritis) develops, which, in turn, causes degenerative changes in the joints (arthrosis). Arthritis and arthrosis occur not only in one joint, it is a metabolic disorder of the whole body, covering all bones and joints. 
Regular fasting is a a must for patients with a tendency to the above diseases. In addition to fasting twice a year, in spring and autumn, we recommend fasting also to be done before the expected exacerbation of the disease.


Salvestrol (from lat. Salvus – whole, safe) is a substance produced by some plants as a protective reaction against fungi, viruses, bacteria or insects. It is mainly found in the peel of fruits, in the seeds, leaves and outer shells of root crops.


The fact is that British researchers Gerard Potter and Dan Burke, who were developing a safe method for cancer treatment, found that an enzyme called CYP1B1 is an internal component of cancer cells and is present in a wide range of different types of cancer that have been studied to date, but is missing in normal cells.

In subsequent experiments, it was found that salvestrols are activated (converted into metabolites) inside human cancer cells by this CYP1B1 enzyme and cause cancer cells to stop growing or even cause cancer cell death without harming normal cells.

Therefore, Salvestrols are a new class of natural anti-cancer elements that are contained in plants and can be included in our daily diet easily.

It is important to know that our (even healthy) organism constantly produces cancer cells, and statistics show that approximately 4 out of 10 men and 3.5 out of 10 women will have cancer during their lifetime.

Since salvestrol helps the body get rid of them, they are the best prevention against cancer.


Our body itself does not synthesize salvestrol, they enter the body through nutrition. Important sources of salvestrols are:

Vegetables: leafy vegetables (celery spinach etc), whole cabbage, bell pepper, wild carrots, artichoke, asparagus, watercress, rocket salad, avocado, bean sprouts, sprouted soybeans, celery, cucumber, pumpkin, zucchini, eggplant, olives, garlic, onions …

Fruits: red fruits, blueberries, currants, grapes, apples, strawberries, plums, figs, raspberries, tangerines, oranges, blueberries, pears, melons, pineapple, mango, chokeberry …

Herbs and teas: parsley, basil, rosemary, thyme, sage, mint, dandelion, rooibos, plantain, dogrose, milk thistle, hawthorn berries, chamomile, dill, burdock, lemon verbena …


Salvestrols are heat-resistant, but when vegetables are cooked, salvestrols “go” into the water in which you cook vegetables. If you only cook and eat vegetables, salvestrols do not enter your body. But the soup is good precisely because of what we eat and the broth / broth, in which everything is the same!

In Eastern European kitchen, perhaps the most popular soup is „borsch“! And for a reason so! Indeed, almost all vegetables in its composition contain

salvestrol (cabbage, onions, carrots, peppers, parsley … :))


Unfortunately, the majority of the population has a serious deficit of salvestrol (more on the reasons below), thereby predisposing us to cancer.

The source of salvestrol for us are:

  1. eating unprocessed, organically grown vegetables, fruits and herbs
  2. extracts of organically grown vegetables or fruits in the form of food supplements


This is due to the fact that plants that grow in a more natural environment are constantly exposed to pathogenic factors, and thus have an incentive to produce salvestrol with the simple goal of self-defense. Due to the use of various pesticides and fungicides, the content of salvestrol in non-organically grown plants is significantly less (up to 30 times!).


Today, our food contains 80-90% less salvestrol than 100 years ago. Why is that?

Salvestrols are mainly found in the peel, but in a modern diet this part of fruits or vegetables is the least attractive for us and is often not eaten.

An average statistical vegetable or fruit in a store was grown using pesticides.

We have become very picky to the look and taste of food, therefore, to sell us more, food manufacturers remove salvestrol to enhance taste,  color and “purity” of food. The fact is that salvestrol is tastes somehwat bitter (remember cabbage, raddish, good olive oil, etc.). To get a tasty (read sweetish) product without the need for sugar, producers need to remove salvestrol or bring out a new variety of plants – less bitter, but, unfortunately, less healthy.

Refined foods usually contain very little or no salvestrol at all.


The traditional method of making wine is the fermentation of grape juice with skins. Wine produced in such way contains a lot of salvestrol (20 mg of reservatrol per bottle of wine). This is because salvestrol is contained in the skin of grapes. Today, the technology of winemaking has been simplified, and winemakers often ferment wine without skins. Therefore, salvestrol in such wine is ten times (2 mg / bottle) less than in traditionally made wine, and therefore conversaion of usefullness of red wine stops right here.

Scientists believe that a decrease in protective salvestrols and an increase in carcinogens in food may have contributed to the growth of cancer in recent decades.


If our daily diet consists of 5 meals, which includes a lot of vegetables and fruits, then we get about 20 points of salvestrol in this way. If these are organically grown products – then 60-70.

The minimum daily dose recommended for maintaining health is estimated by specialists at 100 points of salvestrol. Additional protection is achieved by 350 points, and therapeutic recovery requires large daily doses of 2×2000 points. Of course all of this is individual, and treatment should be agreed with specialists.

Dr. Natalia Trofimova ja Liina Molenaars


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Did you know that feeling tired, suffering from insomnia, joint pains and skin rashes can be caused by inability of your body to digest certain foods?

You most probably have heard a popular saying “you are what you eat”. However, you can eat as many healthy foods as you can, but your body will only absorb what it is capable of absorbing. Therefore, it is more appropriate to say “we are what we digest”, tells Dr. Natalia Trofimova from Biokliinik, tests her patients for Food Intolerance since many years.

Many different diseases actually start with digestion problems. If your metabolic system does not have a special ferment to digest a particular protein, this results in a digestion disorder, sometimes without any visible connections. For instance – if you have insomnia, the Food Tolerance Test can surprise you, because the actual reason could be that your body is missing a particular ferment, leaving certain proteins non-processed in the body, turning them into toxic garbage that, in turn, impacts processes in your body which do not let you sleep at night.

The Food Intolerance Test will clearly indicate what kind of foods makes your immune system react in a negative way and therefore harm your body. Changing the diet using the results from the Food Intolerance Test has helped a lot of people with skin problems, digestion problems, restlessness, insomnia, joint paint and many more to get better sleep and improve health in different ways. Food Intolerance Test is done in Tartu in our Biokliinik and Loodus BioSpa locations and is followed by the consultation of Dr.Natalia Trofimova.

Food intolerance test and consultation is available in Loodus Biokliinik (Tartu, Raatuse 86),

Appointment is required. Tel +372 7405 004, +372 5347 1532

Its amazing how a computer-based health testing system can reveal hidden diseases! It’s real, it works, and Loodus Biospa and Loodus Biokliinik offers such possibility to you.

Dr. Natalia Trofimova performs the bioresonance diangnostics through meridian acupuncture points well known to us from Traditional Chinese Medicine. The test results show exactly in which condition all your body organs are.

The diagnostics is based on a computer program in the bioresonance testing method.  It works with the electormagnetic vibrations though meridian points in the your body – each organ in your body has a meridian point, that can be measured by electromagnetic vibration.

If electromagnetic vibrations of a particular meridian control point measure normal levels, the organ related to this meridian also works good. If the vibrations in the meridian are too low, this implies that this meridian’s organ does not function well. If the vibrations are too strong, then this meridian’s organ is overworked.

This method helps reveal hidden problems of our body, that not always show in blood tests or other examinations.

Dr. Trofimova has discovered many root causes of disease and helped people with skin, heart, stomach and other problems.

Come and discover Your health through interesting diagnostics! It shows even Your aura picture – because all in human health is connected – both physical and energetical!

Green juices and smoothies are in, it has become a real trend in the last couple of years. But are they really useful?

Juice or smoothie combines several servings of fruits, vegetables and greens into one very easy to prepare drink. The concentration of vitamins and minerals in such drink is so high that freshly squeezed juice is the most effective natural way to proovide a large amount of nutrients in one serving. That is why the popularity of juices and smoothies is fully justified.

Before discussing the specific reasons for the usefulness of green juices and smoothies, please remember the following:

Drinking a GLASS of juice in one gulp is VERY HARMFUL. In order to get the maximum benefit (i.e. good absorption), juice or smoothie should be eaten with a SPOON.

Now, let’s dive into the 5 reasons, why your juice should be green:


Green juices prevent aging and disease.

If you don’t eat a large amount of vegetables, fruits and greens, you are missing a key component necessary for your body to stay young, namely antioxidants.

We are aging due to the fact that the cells of our body become oxidized. Studies have found a link between oxidative damage to cells and the development of inflammation, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and more.

The best source of antioxidants is green fruits and vegetables. And the reason for this is a process called photosynthesis, familiar to us from school studies.

In the process of photosynthesis in green vegetables and fruits, the energy received by the plant from the sun is transformed into the energy of the chemical bonds of energy, called ATP. Free electrons in this compound are those particles that provide antioxidation of the cells of our body. That is why green vegetables are called antioxidants.

An analysis of 95 studies conducted by scientists at Imperial College London showed that daily consumption of fruits and vegetables protects against a number of diseases. Many green juice ingredients also increase levels of nitric oxide, an important component that affects cardiovascular health.


Thanks to minerals, green juice alkalizes the body and provides an energy reserve for the whole day.

-PH of your body cannot be too acidic or too alkaline. The norm is between 7.35 and 7.45 pH. Our body has natural systems that maintain pH in the ideal range.

Acidity increases, for example, when we drink alcohol or eat processed foods. In order to balance the acid-base balance, the body uses mineral reserves. This can lead to problems such as weakness, fatigue, stiff joints, and digestive problems.

Green vegetables contain the minerals needed to maintain the alkalinity of the body. Green juice supplies us with these minerals in a large dosis.

– Green juice provides energy for the whole day

What do you do when you feel tired? Make yourself a cup of coffee? Or is your hand reaching for a coke or an energy drink?

Although tea and coffee are useful in moderation (and energy drinks are extremely unhealthy), they do not eliminate the cause of your fatigue.

According to the experts in the United States, 9 out of 10 people lack essential vitamins and minerals. When the body is lacking in nutrients, it simply cannot work properly and you feel tired.

Green juices are an ideal way to replenish the body’s nutrients. They provide an almost instantaneous boost in energy.


Green juice improves gut health and supports immunity.

– We blogged a lot about the fact that your gut is the basis of your health and immunity. That is why it is so important to take care of intestinal health.

Do you know that a healthy gut is, first and foremost, a collection of a large number of good intestinal bacteria and enzymes. They provide the absorption of nutrients and oxygen into the bloodstream and support the formation of stool. Constipation and diarrhea is an important indicator that the intestinal microflora out of order!

Green juices contain digestive enzymes and prebiotics. Prebiotics create favorable conditions for the life of beneficial bacteria.

– Green juices are one of the best ways to maintain a healthy immune system, because they are saturated with nutrients.

Just as a car needs gasoline and motor oil, your immune system needs certain nutrients to work properly. Nutrients must be constantly replenished. If there is shortage of nutrients, our body functions are not optimal.

For example, zinc deficiency can make you significantly more susceptible to colds or flu. A daily dose of vitamin C is also needed to keep your immunity strong. Drinking green juice every day is an easy way to replenish the nutrients your immune system needs.

  1. DETOX

Green juice removes toxins from the body (detox).

No matter how picky you are with what you eat, your body is constantly exposed to toxins. They enter our body through drinking water, food, and the air we breathe in.

Toxins cause great damage to your liver. Green juices are good because many of the ingredients can support a healthy liver.

For example, studies have shown that cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, can improve liver detoxification phase II. This means that your liver will remove toxins from the body faster. And the removal of toxins means removing the root cause of the development of inflammation and disease.

By drinking green juice, you help your liver remove all the toxins that you encounter daily.


Green juice is most effective source of vitamins.

Perhaps you think that multi-vitamin supplements provide you with the necessary nutritients. The sad truth is that most multivitamins are created in the laboratory using harsh chemicals. These artificial vitamins are poorly absorbed by the body.

Green juices, on the contrary, contain natural vitamins and minerals in their most bioavailable form – they are easily absorbed. Your body just gets more from green juice than from a standard dietary supplement of vitamins.

Green juices are one of the best ways to nourish your body. To get the most out of green juices, use organic products. They provide a wide range of nutrients that improve your immune system, energy levels, intestinal health, detoxification, and more.

Loodus BioSpa is an exclusive medical SPA center in Tartu, Estonia, specializing in unique patented fasting, diet and detox programs for over 20 years. Our team consists of highly qualified specialists and medical personnel led by Dr. Natalia Trofimova, author of the book “Fasingt. Health. Longevity”. If you feel that traditional and natural treatments are the right decision for you on the path to your health, contact us today!

e-mail: info@loodus.net
Phone: +372 509 3581

Professor of Stanford University Valter Longo, who studies aging and longevity, published a study, in which he described remarkable metabolic changes that occurred as a result of prolonged fasting. Longo and his colleauges found that fasting for 3 days or longer–drinking only water and eating less than 200 calories per day–can truly “reset” some components of your immune system.

Study  shows that cycles of prolonged fasting not only protect against immune system damage — a major side effect of chemotherapy — but also induce immune system regeneration, shifting stem cells from a dormant state to a state of self-renewal.

The research looked at both mice and humans. In both species, fasting lowered white blood cell counts, which in turn triggered the immune system to start producing new white blood cells. White blood cells (or lymphocytes) are a key component of your body’s immune system.

Longo’s hypothesis is that fasting forces your body to “recycle a lot of the immune cells that are not needed” which explains the drop in the white blood cell count. Two of the key mechanisms are an enzyme called PKA and a hormone called IGF-1, both of which are reduced by fasting. Once you start eating again, your stem cells kick back into high gear to replenish the cells that were recycled.

The study has major implications for healthier aging, in which immune system decline contributes to increased susceptibility to disease as people age. By outlining how prolonged fasting cycles kill older and damaged immune cells and generate new ones, the research also has implications for chemotherapy tolerance and for those with a wide range of immune system deficiencies, including autoimmunity disorders.

On the other hand, Valter Longo has compared the effects of periodic fasting to long-term caloric restriction, which has been shown to prolong lifespan in mouse and other animals. In a separate review article, Longo wrote:

“Fasting has the potential to delay aging and help prevent and treat diseases while minimizing the side effects caused by chronic dietary interventions.”

A key finding in this research is that you have to fast for several days to get any benefit: basically, you have to fully deplete your energy reserves (in the form of glycogen), and it takes your body at least 24 hours, and probably 48 hours or more, to do this. That is why fasting should be at least 3 days long.

Caloric restriction is extremely difficult to achieve for humans. 3-5 day fast is much harder than a temporary caloric restriction or a 1-day fast, which many people do at home routinely. Specialized fasting centers are there to support people in completing a 3-7 day fasting program. Those who fast are under medical observation and obtain a variety of supporting treatments such as massages, physiotherapy, breathing exercises etc.

So, does a 3-day fast truly reset your immune system? The science suggests that, if you can do it, a prolonged fast for 3 days or longer may induce your body to clean out some old immune cells and switch on production of new ones. Stay tuned.

Source: https://www.cell.com/cell-stem-cell/fulltext/S1934-5909(14)00151-9

It’s already November, and the Christmas Holidays are just around the corner! We all want to look at our best during this time, however there is not so much time left to get in shape in a healthy way, and save money too!

3 simple rules

To loose the excess weight and fit into your favorite dress or tux, to get that glow on your skin and a sparkle in your eye, our dietologists recommend the following:

1. Skip dinner. Start eating every day around the same time, and gradually shift the dinner to an earlier time, eventually skipping it alltogether.

2. Do not eat sweet and fried foods. Leave cakes, pastry, sweets, chocolate, fried meat and potatoes aside.

3. Increase physical activity. Instead of dinner, go for a 45-minute walk, preferrably with Nordic Walking sticks, as it inceases the load by 30%.

Strictly keep to these rules for 7 weeks. You will be losing 300-500 grams of body weight per week.

Can you make this process more effective?

An alternative to the strict 7-week regime is a 7-day professional diet or detox program. You will not only lose 4-7 kg of body weight, but also improve your health and condition of your skin! To celebrate our 20th birthday, a 7-day program for two is now available for only €999 (instead of €1246)

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During this period over 15 000 people followed a program with us – together they lost over 75 tons of weight and received countless amounts of positive energy, wellbeing and better health.

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Summer is the time to relax and enjoy. Enjoy ice cream, the weather, a BBQ party with a glass of wine or cold beer. That’s not so healthy, you’d say? Why not – temporarily it is okay, but after such a heavy period you need to give your body a chance to recover. Help your digestive system to cleanse itself, to reset and give a boost to your immune system and prepare for the rainy autumn. September is the best time for this! 

5 very easy, but effective rules:

1. Daily schedule. Start eating at the same time every day, gradually shifting the dinner to an earlier time and making it lighter. 

2. Quantity. Use small plates and serve yourself a portion not bigger than 250 gram.

3. Frequency. Eat 5 times per day, in small portions

4. Liquid. Drink plenty of water – not carbonated! One glass for each 10 kg of body weight. For a person that weights 80 kg it makes about 2.5 liters of water per day. 

5. Exercise. After dinner go for a 45 minute walk, preferrably with Nordic Walking Sticks, since this increases the load by 30%. 

Can you make this process more effective?

Following these rules will set you off in a right direction and you will be losing about 500 grams of weight per week. But to thoroughly cleanse your body from the accumulated toxins that cause fatigue, irritability, decreased libido, pain, aging and susceptibility to viruses,  a one-week professional detox or fasting program is the best healthy choice! Only then you will re-start all your body systems, strengthen your immunity and as a pleasant bonus loose 4-7 kg of body weight. 

Loodus BioSpa will gladly support you in this!

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What others say about us

“I HOPE THIS PLACE NEVER CHANGES!” Pamela’s thoughts after her visit to Loodus BioSpa in June 2018

I didn’t feel well recently – my liver was hurting, I also have a salt addiction and overweight. I wanted to clean my body and feel better. So, I booked a 2-month Ayurveda trip to India… had I known about your place earlier, I would have never went there. This is SO much better, and closer to home. I’ve been to many detox and fasting retreats around the world, and I can safely say Loodus BioSpa is one of the best ones!

All my expectations have been superseded. This place is a pure beauty. I hope it never changes. Please keep the atmosphere – so personal, same faces, everybody knows you by name, you feel at home. It’s an environment based on friendliness and trust – because of this atmosphere fasting is easy.  I feel great after a week of fasting. After 3 days my liver stopped hurting and I feel so energized! The fasting experience is amazing, and so is the recovery diet – the meals are fresh and very tasty, I can really feel the energy from the food 10 minutes after I eat it. I love it! And I am amazed at how much I learned here!

This is one big difference with other places. For the first time has somebody put all the information in practical value to use at home. This is a life changer for me. I now know exactly how to maintain the healthy lifestyle at home taking into consideration my personal needs. And I am going to do it! I am by the way coming back in the fall, and I’m bringing my family with me!