It’s already November, and the Christmas Holidays are just around the corner! We all want to look at our best during this time, however there is not so much time left to get in shape in a healthy way, and save money too!

3 simple rules

To loose the excess weight and fit into your favorite dress or tux, to get that glow on your skin and a sparkle in your eye, our dietologists recommend the following:

1. Skip dinner. Start eating every day around the same time, and gradually shift the dinner to an earlier time, eventually skipping it alltogether.

2. Do not eat sweet and fried foods. Leave cakes, pastry, sweets, chocolate, fried meat and potatoes aside.

3. Increase physical activity. Instead of dinner, go for a 45-minute walk, preferrably with Nordic Walking sticks, as it inceases the load by 30%.

Strictly keep to these rules for 7 weeks. You will be losing 300-500 grams of body weight per week.

Can you make this process more effective?

An alternative to the strict 7-week regime is a 7-day professional diet or detox program. You will not only lose 4-7 kg of body weight, but also improve your health and condition of your skin! To celebrate our 20th birthday, a 7-day program for two is now available for only €999 (instead of €1246)

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During this period over 15 000 people followed a program with us – together they lost over 75 tons of weight and received countless amounts of positive energy, wellbeing and better health.

We give away gifts!

We would like to celebrate this milestone together with You! Therefore we give away a gift for you and your loved ones – a 7-day fasting, diet or detox program for only €999 (instead of €1246) for two, on all programs until the end of 2018!

And there is more!

This gift is for everybody – also for our newcomers! This is an extraordinary opportunity for you and your loved ones to learn about the benefits of detox and experience the boost of energy, effortless weight loss and better health first hand!
Number of available rooms is limited – don’t miss out on this opportunity!

The birthday price applies: (Use code: LOODUS20!)

  • for two people in a double room
  • on all packages until the end of 2018
  • including firstcomers
  • for reservations made after 8 October 2018
  • upon availability
  • reservations cannot be transferred to the next year

Summer is the time to relax and enjoy. Enjoy ice cream, the weather, a BBQ party with a glass of wine or cold beer. That’s not so healthy, you’d say? Why not – temporarily it is okay, but after such a heavy period you need to give your body a chance to recover. Help your digestive system to cleanse itself, to reset and give a boost to your immune system and prepare for the rainy autumn. September is the best time for this! 

5 very easy, but effective rules:

1. Daily schedule. Start eating at the same time every day, gradually shifting the dinner to an earlier time and making it lighter. 

2. Quantity. Use small plates and serve yourself a portion not bigger than 250 gram.

3. Frequency. Eat 5 times per day, in small portions

4. Liquid. Drink plenty of water – not carbonated! One glass for each 10 kg of body weight. For a person that weights 80 kg it makes about 2.5 liters of water per day. 

5. Exercise. After dinner go for a 45 minute walk, preferrably with Nordic Walking Sticks, since this increases the load by 30%. 

Can you make this process more effective?

Following these rules will set you off in a right direction and you will be losing about 500 grams of weight per week. But to thoroughly cleanse your body from the accumulated toxins that cause fatigue, irritability, decreased libido, pain, aging and susceptibility to viruses,  a one-week professional detox or fasting program is the best healthy choice! Only then you will re-start all your body systems, strengthen your immunity and as a pleasant bonus loose 4-7 kg of body weight. 

Loodus BioSpa will gladly support you in this!

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What others say about us

“I HOPE THIS PLACE NEVER CHANGES!” Pamela’s thoughts after her visit to Loodus BioSpa in June 2018

I didn’t feel well recently – my liver was hurting, I also have a salt addiction and overweight. I wanted to clean my body and feel better. So, I booked a 2-month Ayurveda trip to India… had I known about your place earlier, I would have never went there. This is SO much better, and closer to home. I’ve been to many detox and fasting retreats around the world, and I can safely say Loodus BioSpa is one of the best ones!

All my expectations have been superseded. This place is a pure beauty. I hope it never changes. Please keep the atmosphere – so personal, same faces, everybody knows you by name, you feel at home. It’s an environment based on friendliness and trust – because of this atmosphere fasting is easy.  I feel great after a week of fasting. After 3 days my liver stopped hurting and I feel so energized! The fasting experience is amazing, and so is the recovery diet – the meals are fresh and very tasty, I can really feel the energy from the food 10 minutes after I eat it. I love it! And I am amazed at how much I learned here!

This is one big difference with other places. For the first time has somebody put all the information in practical value to use at home. This is a life changer for me. I now know exactly how to maintain the healthy lifestyle at home taking into consideration my personal needs. And I am going to do it! I am by the way coming back in the fall, and I’m bringing my family with me!

PiimThe Test leads the patient through an 3-5 months rotation diet. The patient learns to avoid food he/she does not tolerate and to replace it by tolerated food. The patient will receive its own individual food profile. He/She will be able to avoid and replace specific food and to recognize the correlation between certain food intake and health.

The test detects IgG Antibodies (please do not confuse with IgE mediated food allergy!) against 176 food antigens. An increased IgG Titer points to an immunologic reaction against antigenic targets derived from single food allergens which were presented to the lymphatic system by passing through the intestinal barrier into the blood circulation.

Please note, that this is not a detection method for acute IgE mediated Allergies as observed in atopic reactions especially in children !!

In the total sum of increased antibody titers we can also detect those allergens which lead to delayed reactions ( 8 hours after food intake).


The hypothesis is that every individual shows is own specific and individual pattern of food tolerance/intolerance like a fingerprint.

The immune system of every individual reflects those reactions by normal/increased antibody titers. The development of increased titers could be caused by intestinal barrier insufficiencies such as Leaky Gut Syndrome, which allows macromolecules to penetrate the barrier. This could result in several pathologic reactions, such as allergies, metabolic disorders, endocrinologic irritations up to auto-aggressive reactions.

Test Principle

The test is based on enzyme immuno assays (EIA) which can detect intolerance to up to 181 Food antigens. The detection system is a scanner which can specifically detect increased antibody titers (IgG) in blood serum. A software program allows the semi quanti¬tative detection of titers which are the basis for the therapy program.

Order:             Food Intolerance Test, FIT

Material:          3ml Serum

Method:           Enzyme Immuno Assay (EIA)

Comments:     The expected results show an individual pattern of reactive antibodies against food, which are disposed in several groups. In cooperation with a consulting for a balanced diet the interpretation of the Food Intolerance Test is the most successful.

We offer the opportunity to:

  • Lümfidrenaž Lymphastim BTL-6000 device (5 treatments х 25 min) – 90.-
  • Lümfidrenaž Lymphastim BTL-6000 device (5 treatments х 50 min) – 130.-

Further more:

Body composition analysis (with diagnostic device) – 10.-


BTL-6000_LymphastimLymphoid drainage with Lymphastin BTL-6000 (activates immune system, improves digestion and circulation, increases oxygen levels in cells and speeds detoxification from tissues).

Lymph drainage is an effective modern method of massage that encourages the natural circulation of the lymph through the body and helps to create and maintain a balance between blood flow and lymphatic system.

BTL has developed a series of devices for lymphatic drainage. Medical practices, fitness and wellness centers, massage centres along with aesthetic practices will find application for presso-therapy devices for detoxifying the body, skin firming and cellulite prevention.

Lymphatic massage with BTL lymphatic drainage devices will give you a completely painless, non-invasive and effective treatment by draining the excess lymph.

The human lymphatic system is responsible for removing interstitial fluid from tissues. It absorbs and transports fatty acids and fats throughout the circulatory system and transports antigen-presenting cells to the lymph nodes where the immune response is stimulated. Diseases and problems of the lymphatic system usually cause swelling and ohter symptoms.

BTL’s Lymphastim works on the pneumatic presso-therapy principle. Special applicator sleeves with multiple overlapping chambers provide a gentle massage that encourages the natural circulation of the lymph through the body. The effect is similar to the manual lymph drainage given by a massage therapist’s hands.


  • Well-established & clinically-proven therapeutic method
  • Immediate, visible results
  • The treatment is well-received by patients
  • Body is not burdened with unnecessary medication


Lymphatic drainage unblocks lymphatic ducts and vessels. This causes the natural flow of the lymph from the peripheral parts of the body, thus it reduces swelling and pain caused by the excessive mount of the lymph and metabolites in the limbs.

Lymphastim application also helps by healing and regenerating muscle tissue, increasing skin tone and restoring the original elasticity of the skin.



  • Chronic oedemas
  • Post-surgical obstruction of lymph vessels
  • Varices prevention and treatment
  • Venous insufficiency and ischemic diseases

Wellness and aesthetics

  • Cellulite
  • Postliposuction care
  • Regeneration and detoxification
  • Heavy-legs syndrome