TreatmentsPrice (EUR)TreatmentsPrice (EUR)
Classical massage (25 min)15Underwater massage20
Classical massage (50 min)30The Oil Dispersion Bath - Jungebad® 30
Lymphatic massage (25 min)20Bishofit (natural magnesium chloride) salt bath15
Lymphatic massage (50 min)30Herbal bath with hydromassage15
Lymph Drainage Lymphastim BTL-6000 device (25 min)20Carbondioxide dry bath12
Lymph Drainage Lymphastim BTL-6000 device (50 min)30Lymph Drainage Lymphastim BTL-6000 device (5 treatments х 25 min) 90
Foot and leg massage (20 min)12Foot and leg massage (5 treatments х 20min)50
Honey massage (25 min)20Lymph Drainage Lymphastim BTL-6000 device (5 treatments х 50 min)130
Honey massage (50 min)30Individual gymnastics (20 min)5
Japanese massage with osteopathy techniques (50 min)35Paraffin for hands8
Thai massage (50 min)35Paraffin for hands package (5 treatments)35
Hot stone massage (60 min)35Paraffin for legs (knee or lower leg)9
Laser and magnet therapy5Paraffin for one application (5 treatments)40
Ear treatment with ear candle (one ear)5Paraffin for one application9
Ear treatment with ear candle (two ears)10Paraffin for one application (5 treatments)40
Dr.S.Kneipp aqua treatment package (5 treatments)25Deep gut cleansing25
Dr.S.Kneipp aqua treatment6Clyster5
ResearchPrice (EUR)ResearchPrice (EUR)
Diagnostics with Dr.Trofimova consultation25Food intolerance blood test
(63 food ingredients)
Body composition analysis of ambulatory (with diagnostic device)20Food intolerance blood test IgG 181 (176 food ingredients)220
Body composition analysis of ambulatory (with diagnostic device)
for repeat customer
15Microelement survey (25 elements)80
Body composition analysis (with diagnostic device) the last day of the course10Microelement survey (40 elements)140
Blood sugar test5FiguraGen tests115
Cholesterol test5SG (sport geen) geenitests115
KOGT geenitests115
Beauty treatmentsPrice (EUR)Beauty treatmentsPrice (EUR)
Body scrub with nourishingmask30Permanent tinting and shaping of eyebrows and lashes10
Peeling with the salt of the Dead Sea30Tinting of lashes5
Cleopatra full body goatmilk wrapping15Permanent tinting of eyebrows4
Full body beauty hay wrapping15Shaping of eyebrows4
Hay wrapping with nourishing mask25
Anti-cellulite package hips(1 scrub + 5 massages + cream + 2 wrappings)90Manicure15
Anti-cellulite massage (+cream) x115Pedicure20
Anti-cellulite mud wrapping x112Nail Polish5
Anti-cellulite package hand (5 massages + cream + 2 wrappings)40Nail Polish off2
Anti-cellulite massage for hands (+cream) x17
Anti-cellulite mud wrapping for hands x17
Facial and decolletage massage20
Facial and decollete massage + masque25
OtherPrice (EUR)OtherPrice (EUR)
Probiotic - liquid 1 l (31 bacteria)37Sauna + swimming pool 1 hour (min 2 hour - max 5 peoples)10
Probiotic - dry (12 bacteria)37Additional night (meals and procedures are not included)35
Bishofit (natural magnesium chloride) salt 1 kg (for 5 bath treatments)20Meals (daily)20
Seminar room (up to 40 people)130 / DayLost keys20