Immune Antibody Screening against 176 AntigensFood intolerance test against 63 Antigens– hidden food allergyBioresonance computer diagnosticsDeep cleansing of the bowels or Colon HydrotherapyABOUT BODY COMPOSITIONJapanese massage with osteopathy techniquesThai massageLymphatic massageLymphoid drainageFoot and leg massageHoney massageHot stone therapyApparatus cellulite cureCombined anticellulite therapyLaser and magnet therapyCleopatra wrapping with coat milkHay wrappingNEW!!! Hay wrapping with nourishing maskParaffin baths for hands and legsCarbon dioxide dry bathNew!!! Oil-dispersion bath – Jungebad ®Bishofit (natural magnesium chloride) salt bathHerb bath with hydro massageWater therapy according to S. Kneipp methodologyUnderwater shower-massagePeeling with the salt of the Dead SeaNew!!! Body scrub with nourishingmaskBreathing therapy for toxic slag removalIndividual gymnasticsEar candlesMicroelement analysisNEW! ATACHE facial treatment