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I highly recommend Loodus BioSpa to all who want to help themselves to become more healthy and happy by purifying one´s body and internal

The procedures have been well thought with professional knowledge. The fasting package what I took was good with breathing exercises outside,
gymnastic, Shin-Do, watergymnastic, personal massage and every morning and evening enema. And it was important to have doctor’s appointments
daily to check how my fasting goes.

Dr Natalia Trofimova´s lectures were very good even for me who teaching fasting. I have fasted before by myself but it sure is easier to do in
relaxing and beautiful atmosphere with other people.

I took a lot of extra treatments which I think helped my detoxification process. I hope to do this again in the autumn time after half a year.

My fasting was a fresh start to begin to do more exercises and have a healthier way of life. Even I have been 45 years vegetarian, doing yoga
asanas daily, still my ageing body needs more care.

In Frantsila Organic Herb farm and Wellbeing Centre in Finland I teach natural healing methods, phytotherapy – plantmedicine, shiatsu and
acupressure yoga and meditation practices etc.


Virpi Raipala-Cormier